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Entrepreneurship in the Neighbourhoods

The program Entrepreneurship in the Neighbourhoods provides a support service to future entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the enrichment of values that diversity brings in and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Catalonia. Therefore, the program encourages business creation, talent and / or initiative.

This program, developed in France since 2002, rewards every year 40 entrepreneurs from priority neighbourhoods because of their labour and social needs. In eleven years, 413 entrepreneurs have been supported, over 2,000 jobs have been created, 38 projects have been awarded regionally and 11 nationally. The program is organized by the country’s most important institutions and sustained by large French companies.

The Club Segle XXI in Catalonia, supported by the Club XXIe Siècle in France, starts on its way towards a process of assessment of the talents and the future entrepreneurs of the neighbourhoods through the design of the Accelerator of Entrepreneurial Projects with the collaboration of investment funds.

In Catalonia, the program Entrepreneurship in the Neighbourhoods, carried out by the Projects Accelerator, is addressed to the areas of Catalonia with more labour and social needs.



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