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European Diversity Forum

The Catalan Club Segle XXI is running for the organization of the 3rd edition of the European Diversity Forum in Barcelona in 2015. The Forum disseminates ideas about diversity management and social problems.

The Forum becomes one of the main drivers of the reflection about diversity management, being a meeting point of the different areas of our reality: the civil society, the business community, the scientific community and the academic and political worlds.

The aim of the Forum is to bring together European private and public actors (business leaders, politicians, researchers, journalists, intellectuals, experts, leaders of civil society…) around diversity at the social, economic and cultural levels, in order to understand how these different areas can influence enterprises, and how the diversity management can become a strategic component of growth as a positive element that strengthens society.

The 3rd European Diversity Forum in Barcelona is going to take over the two previous editions in Paris, which included the participation of important personalities and achieved a great success of audience. Interesting exchanges of experiences on diversity were held, and it increased the cultural openness between neighboring European countries.


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